NEW Playshops with Iso Herquist on Sunday.

Please note that these playshops are exclusively for participants who didn’t have the chance to book the other playshops. Thank you also for your understanding that any playshop swap at this stage of Festival preparation isn’t manageable to us.


Playshops with Iso Herquist ( German)

Playhop 1

All Finger Workouts – „Ukulele Fitness“ with Iso.

Playshop 2

Come, play along mit Iso!


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Playshop mit Sarah Maisel (auf Englisch)

Doo-Wop Till You Drop

This class focuses on popular progressions, including Doo-Wop, Blues, and Pop. With those we will also discuss holding the instrument, barre chords, and creating efficiency while playing. It’s a perfect class for

the beginner ‘ukulele player, though experienced

All Levels

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Playshop mit Craig Chee (auf Englisch)

Shaping Your Sound

As you grow as an artist, you’ll discover that you want to create your own style and sound. This class will give you some tools in order to do so, including learning about fills, Chord voicings, different rhythms/strumming patterns, picking patterns, and other ways of taking what you know and creating your own sound. Craig will be teaching with a high G ukulele, so high g is recommended.

Level: Confident Beginner – Intermediate

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Cheri Picking with Tobias Elof (in English)

Ever wondered what’s up with James Hill’s right hand when he shreds songs like “Ode to a frozen boot” or “Song for Cheri”?
If the answer is “no”, don’t attend this class where we will break down all the layers of how to play one of most sophisticated and secret ‘ukulele techniques. Maybe we can apply it to some songs.

Level: Advanced

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Latin and Reggae with Andreas David( in German)

In this workshop, Andreas starts by showing you the typical basic grooves for Latin and Reggae Music. You should be familiar with the basic open chords, as you will learn how to move these chord shapes around to find any other chord. Then, Andreas will teach you how to spice up these grooves with dead notes and right-hand percussion techniques. At the end of the workshop, you will be well prepared for the next Latin or Reggae jam session (or at least know what to practise to be prepared).

Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate

Foto: Thomas Rehbein

Strum Fun und Formbi Style Syncopatic with Ukulelezaza (in Englisch)

Booked UP

playshop 1: Strum Fun

Music is all about expression. In this workshop Zaza will demonstrate several techniques that define his smooth and groovy playing style. You will learn to add colour and emotion to your music, with strums and dynamics that are easy and efficient – and some that require a bit more practise. All ideas in the workshop work for most styles of music. Suitable for all levels.

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Playshop 2: Formby Style Syncopation

In his early career the British entertainer George Formby was struggling to get noticed – until he picked up a banjolele. The rest is history. To this day people all over the world are fascinated by the fierce syncopated strumming style that he developed. The basic rhythm is called splitstroke and is surprisingly easy to learn. But there’s a lot more to it! In this workshop Zaza will start at the basics and then demonstrate several little extras, for both hands, that Formby used in all of his hundreds of recordings. Formby style sounds best on a uke-banjo, but works just as well on any wooden or reso uke.

Level: Suitable for all

Foto: James Millar

Improvisation with Martin Walter( in German)


The application of pentatonic (and its extensions) in rock- and blues improvisation.
We’ll follow the themes: What is improvisation? How does it work? What do I need to know? How can I practice improvising?
Improvisation is no sorcery – everyone can improvise!
We’ll try everything directly with the instrument and practice together.
We’ll improvise in major and minor and learn the specialities of the blues.
With a lot of practical experiments on the instrument and as little theory as necessary, I will give you many ideas and guidelines so you can aquire a solid foundation of skills.
With help of the handout you can retrace everything at home and develop yourselves further.
Both courses build upon one another, yet they can be visited separately.
Course 1: Pentatonic in major and moll. – Booked up
Course 2: Pentatonics and their extensions
Prerequisites: The chords of the 1st position (without barre) should be familiar, no further prior knowledge is necessary.

Booked UP

Playshop with Ukulollo (in Englisch)

“Play one use, sound like Two!”

We will learn all the secrets to allow us to play melody and chords (and sing!) at the same time, arrangments trick to play along with other uke players of different skills, and 3 must know points to always keep in mind in order to perform on stage, in front of people, without being scared, totally enjoing our music!

Level: Confident Beginner to Intermediate

Playshop with James Agg (in Englisch)

James is a professional musician and music teacher by trade. Whilst his main area of specialism is jazz double bass, he is classed as a multi instrumentalist as he also plays cello, piano, guitar and trombone (to name but a few). James turns his hand to all genres of music from orchestral playing right the way through to rock & pop. By day, James teaches music at three of the most prestigious private schools in the Cotswolds and by night, he can be found playing jazz with some of the finest names in the business including John Law and Derek Nash (saxophonist in Jools Holland’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra). When he is doing neither of those occupations, he backs up some of the world’s finest ukulele players on either upright or ukulele bass. James has worked with Sarah Maisel & Craig Chee on numerous occasions. His friendship with Sarah and Craig not only took him across to the USA for the first time, but also introduced him to his soon to be wife, who has been known to be pulled onto stage with James to either sing or play bass – watch the space! James is also a composer; he plays in a 5 piece band which he writes for. His next career move will be to commercially release an album of his work with this group of musicians. The world of ukulele started for James when he joined in on double bass with the Cheltenham based group “The Ukuholics” at a street fair – he decided to transform his upright bass into a giant ukulele by turning it onto its side to play it! He later discovered that the somewhat more compact ukulele bass had thankfully already been invented!

Hawaiian Mele with Angela Gobelin ( in German)


Booked UP

This playshop mainly demands: the Aloha spirit.
Hang loose – everything can, nothing must!
We dream ourselves onto a beach, surf our fingers across the fingerboard and find easy chords. After a welcoming-chant and the first easy song, you’ll already know a few Hawaiian words.
Together we’ll play easy songs and alongside learn about Hawaiian history, pronunciation and the meaning of the songs.
The great thing is: The songs are (almost) always build up equally and every verse will be repeated.
E komo mai – all are welcome!
Aloha and let’s have fun!!!

Level: absolut Beginner


This workshop is for those who already play some chords on the ukulele and are familiar with strumming and picking.
I will show you different strumming-varieties and how to easily recognise which vamp, thus intro, is played to which key.
We will be playing some more “difficult“ Hawaiian pieces, meaning pieces that need more than 3 chords.
Your “basics in Hawaiian“ will be refreshed and you’ll learn about the songs and the islands.
Naturally on the list: the classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“ by Bruddah Iz.
E kanikapila kakou – let’s play together!
Level: Beginners with prior knowledge

Beginner-Playshop with Kerstin Walter (in German)

Playshop 1

Booked UP

Playshop 2 available

Music is part of her life. Kerstin Walter plays the violin, taught herself to play the guitar and above all she danced a lot. The Hula-Dance brought her to the ukulele and the many festivals to teaching.
This playshop is for those who like to try themselves in a joyful and free way and would like to learn how to produce a lot of sound with little knowledge and the help of witty ideas and techniques. The beginners’ classes build on one another. Catchy melodies, simple chords, interesting rhythms: Welcome, never mind how skilful or clumsy you may feel, everyone will be integrated and inspired. What do you bet?!

Level: Beginner

Write your own Uke-Song with Roland T. Prakken (in German)

Booked UP

Write your own Ukesong

Covering songs on the ukulele is especially fun. But once we are done with singing songs of others and want to express our personal thoughts and feelings, the one and only solution is to write our own!
We will look at basic techniques and tricks of songwriting, or rather songmaking, to help you transform your own ideas into songs, may it be stories of everyday life or love songs. This is possible with the least instrumental knowledge – a good song doesn’t have to be complicated, often two or three chords and a good rhythm are all it needs. Here the ukulele may even be of advantage to other instruments, which we shall also fathom on this occasion.Level: Anfänger

Lecture about the History of the Ukulele in Germany – Axel Müller (in German)

Wusstest Du, dass Deutschland einmal Weltzentrum der Instrumenten-Herstellung war und Ukulelen in die ganze Welt verschickte? Axel Müller weiß das. In seinem Playshop erfährst Du viel Wissenswertes über den Musikinstrumentenbau. Der ehemalige Erzieher und Lehrer spielt seit 1970 Gitarre und Ukulele in verschiedenen Stilen und Formationen. Dabei bevorzugt Müller freie Improvisation, osteuropäische und Gipsy-Musik. Er bezeichnet sich selbst als Musik-Reisender. Seit 2012 forscht er intensiv zur „Geschichte der Ukulele in Deutschland“: Du darfst sehr gespannt sein und Müllers Know-how über Hersteller, Modelle, frühere Schulen und andere Entwicklungsaspekte anzapfen.

Hula Taster course with Una Brockington

Gekonnt Hula tanzen will gelernt sein. Das weiß auch Una Brockington. Die Literaturwissenschaftlerin ist während ihrer Hochzeitsreise dem Hula erstmals begegnet. Seit 2002 beschäftigt sie sich intensiv damit sowie mit der Kultur Hawaiis. Sie absolvierte verschiedene Fortbildungen bei unterschiedlichen Kumu Hula/Hula Meistern und nahm sogar an einem Hula Wettbewerb auf Hawaii teil. Mehrmals wöchentlich unterrichtet Brockington Hula Anfängern und Fortgeschrittenen. Darüber hinaus ist leitet sie den deutsch-hawaiischen Kulturverein „No Ka Ho’omana’o Ana Ia Berlin“.
Der hier angebotene Basis-Workshop richtet sich an Einsteiger. Es werden die wichtigsten Grundschritte und Handbewegungen erklärt und geübt. Der Playshop kann ohne Vorkenntnisse besucht werden.

Level: Anfänger